Starting January 1, 1985, most Wisconsin residential rental properties built prior to April 15, 1976 (more than 2 units)  or December 1, 1978 (1 to 2 units) have had to meet minimum energy conservation standards at the time of ownership transfer. The code only applies to residential property built prior to the above dates when its use after the sale will be rental.  

Rental Weatherization Standards Brochure


 If you are buying a property to be used as a rental, check to make sure the property you are purchasing has a Certificate of Compliance on file or is exempt. If a Certificate of Compliance is needed, an inspection must be performed or an exemption waiver issued ( see exemptions below) . The title company will typically ask at closing if the property you are purchasing is to be used as a rental. If a Certificate of Compliance is needed and has not been filed with your local Register of Deeds a stipulation will be issued at that time.  An inspection must then be completed and a certificate of compliance filed or an exemption waiver issued within one year of purchase.

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Donn LordsMy name is Donn Lord and I am a landlord and certified Wisconsin Weatherization Inspector (1081754). If you need a rental weatherization inspection to be completed or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Wisconsin Rental Weatherization Code please call me at 920-420- 0662. My e-mail is I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me  prior to setting an inspection appointment. I will give you a list of items to be checked prior to me visiting the residence. It may be possible to have the inspection and final approval performed in just one trip. All inspections can typically be completed within 72 hours from the time you contact me.